Logistic processes are a significant element of global trade. Every day, Ekol renders services in all corners of the globe, aspiring to utilize natural resources optimally and creating a further sustainable business model.

Ekol causes less harm to the environment with its Intermodal transportation system, which it introduced in 2008, in comparison to the road transportation. Each month, it saves an adequate amount of diesel fuel to save a forest the size of 730 soccer fields or to circle around the world 360 times.

In a single Intermodal trip, Ekol achieves the following savings without having to cover a 2.429-km long road:

  • 823 liters of fuel
  • 2221 kg of CO2
  • 5.8 kg of NOx
  • 0.08 kg of Particulate Matter (PM)
Intermodal Taşımacılık