Customs Clearance

By pinpointing its healthcare industry customers’ customs clearance needs, Ekol develops the best solutions for health products, thanks to its corporate know-how, customer-centric approach, and the offices and operation teams positioned in the customs offices. 

Accordingly, Ekol makes its applications online through its system integrated with the Ministry of Health’s Product Tracking System (ÜTS) for healthcare companies. This also enables Ekol to issue notifications about the contradictions detected in the system’s safety barriers. Therefore, by minimizing the user factor, Ekol ensures error-free and fast procedures. 

Since the healthcare product range is so diverse, a TAREKS reference number is required to be obtained to import certain healthcare products under the Ministry of Commerce’s Product Safety Inspection. Ekol makes these applications in XML format instead of manually, thus avoiding waste of time. 

Thanks to the tracking screen, pharmaceutical companies can check the inspection document to confirm the duration and quantity, and a notifying email is automatically issued when the product decreases in quantity and/or when the expiration date approaches. Inspection document processes with regards to all multi-item products are tracked smoothly thanks to the electronic infrastructure.

Ekol’s in-house software can integrate with any kind of software used by customers. This enables the direct electronic transfer of all transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, and cost items data for the completed declarations to the customer’s accounting records. Furthermore, Quadronet, an online system, is used to display all data instantaneously and reach customer-specific reports directly, which saves on the resources used to make accounting records.

Ekol’s expert team is at the service of its customers to ensure that all customs clearance procedures meet YYS and ISO standards.