Ekol manages partial- and full-load transportation operations for pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical raw materials, dietary supplements, medical supplies and devices, as well as animal health and other health products via validated, temperature-controlled or ambient vehicles designed according to the GDP guides.

Ekol understands the necessity of criteria such as vehicle location tracking and temperature monitoring to ensure product reliability and quality in the healthcare industry. Accordingly, all vehicles are tracked online 24/7.

International Transportation Solutions Exclusively For The Healthcare Industry

With an exclusive healthcare industry fleet, Ekol offers temperature-controlled transportation, intermodal transportation (road + rail + maritime), and partial- and full-load transportation services, as well as performance and KPI reporting, ERP system integration, and data exchange solutions.

National Delivery

Ekol translates its healthcare industry expertise into the domestic transportation and distribution operations in the countries where it operates. Having developed customized solutions for transporting both cold-chain and regular items in validated, temperature-controlled vehicles designed under the GDP guide, Ekol delivers raw materials or end-user items to the customers’ warehouses via special vehicles.

Ekol leverages its distribution network to transport products to industry delivery points like pharmaceutical warehouses and hospitals every day. It delivers within Istanbul on the same day and within 48 hours to other regions.

During distribution operations, Ekol provides customers with instant online information such as the signing party and delivery date (online POD) at the delivery destination.