International Trade

Ekol comes up with smart and lasting solutions to customers’ problems with its knowledge of international trade and a team of industry-savvy specialists. The firm, also, plans in such a way that poses minimum risk to customers.

International trading is more expensive than national trading with border fees, hourly costs, and varying costs in different countries. This is the very reason why the international trade partner, Ekol, strives to offer high added-value and custom-designed services that are specific to customers’ businesses with a team of experienced staff members and its own companies spread across 13 countries. Ekol works in complete cooperation with customers in the risky customs and international trade environment.

With consulting from Ekol, customers are able to enter new markets without hesitation. Working with Ekol provides a myriad of advantages including improved efficiency through cost calculation in international trading; effective communication among the parties of international trading; taking appropriate action in accordance with legislative requirements and adapting customers’ systems if necessary; and effective implementation of international trading operations.