Project Management

Ekol considers project management to be its core competence. As a result, it plans and implements each exclusive solution as a unique project. Indeed, Ekol plans the project down to the smallest and last detail including scope, purposes, targets, success criteria, and responsibilities. The company optimizes its resources so that set targets can be met cost-effectively and according to the criteria. Performance management allows control over processes while a dedicated team supervises the project on behalf of the customer and identifies potential risks and opportunities. The project team promotes continuous improvement, increasing process efficiency, and quality.

Project Management

Ekol Provides the Highest Level of Services

Ekol perceives and recognizes the losses that could be caused by a missed delivery deadline. Therefore, it does more than just delegate responsibilities, and strives to ensure that the service offered by its customers are at the highest level.

Ekol Creates Need-Based Innovative and Alternative Solutions

Ekol offers its customers innovative solutions for improved supply chain processes, commencing with an analysis of current processes. Subsequent to mapping out the current status, it conducts productivity and cost analyses. Ekol is involved in the entire supply chain process in different roles, and informs its business partners on any present or likely issues. It identifies areas for improvement in the processes, and next creates need-based innovative and alternative solutions.

Ekol Strives to Analyze and Improve the Supply Chain

Ekol’s team of skilled industrial engineers and system analysts analyze and improve the supply chain. They design processes to achieve the highest productivity level in logistics operations, and identify performance indicators and measurement methods with a process management approach. The ability to monitor the entire supply chain allows the detection of any and all likely issues or opportunities in time. At this stage of project management, Ekol generates outputs by performing process design, equipment and resource planning, layout planning, software adaptation and developments, and feasibility.

Unique Ekol Solutions to Diverse Needs in Diverse Industries

Ekol is clearly aware of the facts that customer issues, needs, and expectations vary according to the industry. Accordingly, it provides industry-specific solutions to problems to facilitate customers’ businesses, and considers and contemplates differences as an opportunity for growth. Ekol implements projects which set an example for the logistics industry – thanks to its technology investments and supply chain know-how and experience.

Ekol Implements Solutions Smoothly and Flawlessly

Ekol is, also, an expert in implementation of the design, ensuring perfect and on-time execution by ensuring coordination between the related departments. At the implementation stage, the process owner selects some people in the group as key users and puts them to work with the project group, ensuring sound and flawless implementation of the solution.

Ekol Business and Process Development Team Finds the Best Solution with its Operational Flexibility

In a world of constantly evolving methods of doing business and technology, no solution or improvement can be a one-off venture. Appreciating this fact, the Ekol Business and Process Development Team establishes sustainable improvement opportunities by analyzing operational processes.

Ekol Standards Created to Improve Service Quality

Though custom-made solutions create difference in practice, it is now necessary to create standards to improve service quality. Business Development and Management Systems Team handles standardization as part of project management at Ekol. The team expands good practice in any project to all other projects – both establishing standardization and spreading know-how and experience.

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