Warehousing Technologies

Ekol meets customers’ changing needs rapidly with a flexibility provided by its in-house-developed software. The company does offer customers superior service at all times by standardizing its know-how and experience acquired in diverse industries. Moreover, Ekol allots real-time information to its customers over portal applications, while automation technologies minimize the margin of error in its warehouses.

Warehousing Technologies

Warehouse Management Systems

Ekol employs in-house-developed programs developed by its own R&D team to provide contract logistics services.It offers rapid-response flexibility for customers’ changing requirements, creating solutions in a larger spectrum with the option for constant improvement. This software also possesses the ability to readily interact with different software.

Material Flow Control Systems – MFS

All components must operate in harmony in order to achieve maximum efficiency in all equipment such as cranes, conveyors, sorters, turntables, transfer units, lifts, pick-by-voice, and so on. MFS software, developed in-house by Ekol’s R&D team, manages, controls, and optimizes the flow of materials and information within the automated warehousing solutions system.

Portal Applications

The portal provides an interface where the customer and Ekol staff can observe the same information at the same time. This transparent, real-time system allows the customer to plan other internal processes while tracking Ekol’s activities.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

These robotic systems store and retrieve a load, such as a pallet, bin, or carton, to and from assigned storage locations as required. ASRS applications offer Ekol customers the following advantages:

  • Reduced storage space: This system requires less aisle space and reaches higher racks, allowing for approximately 2.5 times more product stored in a unit space than by conventional storage methods.
  • Reduced labor cost: Fully automated storage and retrieval from racks eliminates the need for stacking machine operators employed in conventional warehouses.Thus, the risk of industrial accidents is also reduced.
  • Reduced storage and retrieval cycle times: The time required to store or retrieve products is reduced by nearly 80 percent as compared to the performance cycle of equipment utilized in conventional systems,
  • Minimized risk of errors: The operation is free of risks and mistakes that may occur due to human error.Thus, both inventory and order preparation are nearly 100 percent accurate.
  • Optimized delivery: The system’s algorithms allow items to be retrieved and carried faster to addresses within close proximity.

Automated Systems for Garments on Hangers

Automated systems offered to textile-industry customers reduce storage and handling costs of garments on hangers, while ensuring 100-percent order accuracy.

Vertical Lift Systems

A system based on using each of the free-moving platforms (trays) as a stacking tool.The internal automated elevator system allows vertical tray stacking – in effect minimizing space in between and ensuring maximum storage volume. Additionally, products are fetched to the operator, minimizing walking distance.

Pick-by-Light Systems

The system displays the product address and the amount to be collected by the personnel on a LED screen. Collection results are transmitted to the system by using the buttons on it. Personnel do not require to carry any equipment when collecting or sorting products.The system is used in textile, health and retail operations at Ekol that require order collection.

Automated Sorter Systems

The costliest process in order preparation and return handling is the sorting of products according to particular criteria. Since sorting operations are labor-intensive, Ekol focuses on automated solutions in which sorting systems are designed for various stock units.

Pick-By-Voice Systems

These systems allow the staff to receive orders from the system through a headset and provide feedback through a microphone. Ekol, especially, recommends the said systems to customers in the FMCG industry due to the fact that they provide the staff with a hand- and eye -free experience.

RF Hand Terminal

The RF hand terminal is a tool which lends a hand to the staff to receive orders and enter completed tasks into the system. These terminals allow staff to remotely access WMS during any process – thus, synchronizing the management of physical warehouse activities and the records of the said activities in WMS.

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