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The Mediterranean Coasts of Logistics Get United by Ekol Spain

Ekol Logistics keeps growing with its latest investments in Spain, speeding up investments in Europe.

Ekol Logistics, which has made a name for itself in Europe and Turkey with its significant investments is founding Ekol Spain, adding a new country to its country portfolio. Speeding up its investments in line with its goal to become one of the Top 5 recognized logistics companies, Ekol Logistics will bring Ekol Spain into service on Friday, 14th of February. Ekol Spain plans to invest 2 million Euros in the first two years as it aims to make a turnover of 40 million Euros in three years and 200,000 deliveries a year.

Ekol Spain will provide service in the X-dock facilities opened in Barcelona and Madrid, and plans to bring into service new X-dock facilities in Irun and Valencia, Spain next year. The facilities are planned to employ 30 personnel in the first year and 150 personnel in the first three years.

Aiming to appear in the forefront as an practical responder to logistics needs and an innovative logistics service provider, Ekol Spain will bring a fresh breath to the market with its experienced personnel and the internal IT service (quadro-lite) which sets high standards in customer management. Ekol will provide Spanish companies with contract logistics services as well as other types of transportation services from many industries including automotive, chemistry and textile. Ekol will contribute to the transportation with its experience in intermodal transportation, an important field which constitutes an alternative to the international land transportation, in Spain where Ekol currently attaches importance to invest in the infrastructural works.

Ekol Spain primarily aims to provide international unitization services from the main industrial region of Europe to anywhere in Europe and Turkey, and provide high-level services with its young, experienced and specialist team through strong and long-lasting partnerships with its customers operating in the Iberian strategic markets. In parallel with this, Ekol Spain will focus on contract logistics, automotive and textile transportation and allocate considerable resources for intermodal transportation when it is completed.