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Pirelli Arrives to Turkey by Ekol

Ekol started the trial transportations of world’s one of the most important tire manufacturers, Pirelli, for its railroad transportation operations between Turkey and Italy… With these trials, it is aimed to lay the foundation of a long-term business partnership.

Being one of top 5 brands of the world in terms of turnover, Pirelli provides service with a wide product range with the production and marketing of automobile, light commercial vehicle, motorcycle, bus, truck, tractor, heavy construction equipment and steel cord. Pirelli focuses on high segment in the market particularly associated with technologic content and high performance features.

Obtaining a specific position in the tire industry with such superior qualities, Pirelli preferred the quality of Ekol for the transportations between Italy and Turkey. Ekol uses 45′ High Cube Container in transporting the Pirelli products, which the trial railroad transportations started last month.

With this progress, Ekol believes that it has laid the foundation of a long-term business partnership with a world giant.