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Retail Logistics-Oriented Warehouse Automation System Investment By Ekol

Speeding up its progress, Ekol Logistics now invests in “Automated Order Preparation System” for retail industry. Ekol put the system into service as of March, having invested approximately TRY 2.5 Million in Lilyum Facility.

Ekol, the pioneering company in the Logistics industry, has completed another investment. Ekol has realized a customized solution for its clients from retail (ready-made clothing) sector. They have designed and installed a new automated solution for the purpose of offering higher quality services at lower costs.

Having completed its “Automated Order Preparation System” investment in Lilyum Facility, which is worth approximately TRY 2.5 Million, Ekol Logistics put the system into service as of March. This system which is integrated to the other automation systems in the warehouse, consists of 24 sorting stations equipped with put-to-light system, and provides to prepare 1.700 orders simultaneously. Designed with worker’s ergonomic requirements in mind, this system creates a daily capacity of order preparation (product sorting) for 100 thousand products.

Productivity of the workers involved in order preparation process is increased by 35%, whereas the space needed is decreased by 45%, thanks to this automation system. System design and project management were carried out by Ekol Business Development Team; where installation, software integration and PLC programming were carried out by Ekol Automation and Software Development Team. Some parts of the project were conducted in cooperation with leading warehouse automation suppliers TGW and KBS.

With its investments in warehouse technologies Ekol Logistics, on one hand, decreases the error ratios by utilizing less manpower while, on the other hand, manages daily fluctuations in demand in a more flexible and cost-efficient manner.