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Satko – Ekol Cooperation

Cooperating with Satko Teknoloji in international transportation, Ekol Logistics has decided to work with the same company for local vehicle tracking and focused on increasing the efficiency and customer satisfaction with 9 percent saving in fuel consumption.

Providing service with more than 2 thousand employees and with its fleet of more than 1.100 vehicles and as one of the leading companies of Turkey’s logistics industry, Ekol Logistics uses the vehicle tracking and fleet management systems provided by Satko Teknoloji.

Using SimTRACS solutions of Satko Technology, Ekol Logistics is able to track its vehicles on the map, monitor which drivers use its vehicles in which time frames and receive important information from cargo delivery to fuel consumption which it can use for ensuring efficiency in operations.

Ekol Logistics uses vehicle tracking and fleet management systems in 100 commercial vehicles within its fleet and receives reports based on critical information such as the mileage, cycle, fuel buying and spending, the length of time which the drivers drive the vehicles and the time and place of overdrives from the vehicles with the systems provided by Satko Teknoloji. Ekol Logistics is able to make the transportation services more efficient based on this information and ensure average 9 percent fuel saving.

Evaluating the information received within the light of vehicle driving criteria such as the engine cycle, speed and fuel consumption determined related to the vehicle fleet, Ekol Logistics is able to reduce the depreciation in the resource of vehicle fleet, while it offers a higher quality transportation service by checking the compliance of the drivers with the vehicle driving criteria.

Making an evaluation related to the matter, Umur Özkal, General Manager of Ekol Logistics, said,

As Ekol Logistics, we are aiming to increase the customer satisfaction by providing fast and high quality service to every location in our geography. For this purpose, we are able to manage our commercial vehicle fleet more effectively and provide higher quality service with the solutions offered by Satko Teknoloji, whom we are cooperating with local transportation field. The focal point with vehicle tracking is saving in fuel consumption and increase in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Stating that they are really pleased for Turkey’s logistics industry giant Ekol Logistics preferred the solutions offered by Satko Teknoloji in vehicle tracking system, Nedim Çelebiler, General Manager of Satko Teknoloji, said,

With the vehicle tracking and fleet management we are providing as Satko Teknoloji, we ensure efficient management of the vehicles from the head office. Furthermore, we are able to significantly reduce the fuel and other expenses arising from wrong routes and misrouting. With the combination of all these with more efficient operation and less fuel consumption, we believe we are meeting the expectations of Ekol Logistics.