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Special Invitation To Ekol From RTC, The Leading Rail Freight Operator Of Europe

Ekol, one of the leading logistics companies in Turkey and Europe, attended the celebration of the 1000th train trip of RTC (Italian rail freight operator), held at the Port of Trieste on Friday, 28th of June, as a special guest, thanks to its successful intermodal freight services.

Ekol Logistics, staying focused on its target to become a global logistics brand with its investments in Europe, continues to be honored with its successful activities in intermodal transportation. Italian rail freight operator RTC celebrated its 1000th train, which commenced its trip from EMT (Parisi) Terminal, with a special ceremony held at Trieste Port on Friday, 28th of June. Ekol, operating the 90% of the trains at Trieste was invited as a special guest to the ceremony, co-organized by EMT Terminal, RTC and Trieste Port.

During the ceremony Trieste Port Authority put on a special symbolic loading-unloading show on the 1000th train. RTC trains started off their trips with Ekol in October 2008 in the EMT (Parisi) Terminal) where intermodal trains load and unload 3 times a day, everyday of the week. The trains travelled to many destinations in Europe up until today and carried freights, more than 90% of which belonged to Ekol.

Ekol received the European Environment Award Eco Performance last year because of its contributions to the environment with the Intermodal project. By means of its investment of € 265 million in the intermodal transportation within the last 5 years, Ekol increased its monthly trains to 68 round trips.

Ahmet Musul, Chairman of Ekol Logistics, stated:

We put our signature on many major investments in order to serve the highest quality service to our customers. These investments are the key elements that make us among the major brands that come into mind in terms of logistics in Europe. We were extremely honored to be the guest of the 1000th train, departed from Parisi Terminal, of the Italian rail freight operator RTC. This ceremony itself is an indication of our success in the right direction.