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The Era of Logistics 4.0 Begins at Ekol

Ekol, creating inspirational and sustainable value with its customers, is ready to introduce a new perspective to the industry. Ekol will revolutionize the traditional business model with Logistics 4.0 to offer solutions that are even more INTEGRATED, INTERCONNECTED, and INNOVATIVE to its customers who deserve the best.

In the age of Industry 4.0, continuous and dynamic transformation is a necessary precondition for achievement. Ekol will transform not only the future of the industry but the entire world by blending its experience and expertise with an approach which combines mind, heart, and consciousness.

A Corporate Identity in Line With The New Strategy

Ekol is moving forward on its journey strengthened by the transformation it has initiated, and has revamped its corporate identity in accordance with its new strategy. The entrepreneurial spirit of Ekol allows the adoption of a more daring and dynamic structure as we utilize our quarter-century industry experience to offer advanced solutions and operational excellence from its facilities spanning 15 countries.

At the meeting held to share with the public the Logistics 4.0 strategy and the revitalized face of Ekol, Chairman Ahmet Musul noted:

Industry 4.0 offers limitless opportunities for the logistics industry as it is involved in every process from the first manufacturer to the final consumer. There has been a transformation in the seven ‘rights’ of logistics: supplying the right product with the right amount, in the right way, at the right time, from the right source, on the right path, with the right price. Today, as an integrated logistics company, we bring an era-defining perspective to the industry, inspired by Industry 4.0.

Being “good enough” has never been sufficient for us. Our belief in continuous and dynamic transformation guides us to growth and development every day. We are aware of the fact that any other means cannot lead to success. We continue to be a source of inspiration for our industry by engaging cutting-edge technology to offer advanced solutions to our customers alongside our understanding of excellent service.

After remarking that people come first at Ekol, Musul proceeded:

We forge ahead, determined, through the strength of our people, so that we are able to understand each other more efficiently, protect our common values, and meet our goals.

Our intimate commitment to ethical values and sustainability not only guides us to make changes to the future of the logistics industry, but also to transform the world.

Ekol Grows Through Innovative Ideas

Ekol is advancing with a focus on continuous and dynamic transformation and continues to grow through original and innovative ideas which provide novel opportunities for customers as well as competitive advantage.

Ekol is one of Europe’s major logistics providers, boasting distribution centers with 750,000 square meters of total indoor space in Turkey, Germany, Italy, Greece, France, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Czechia, Bulgaria, Iran and Slovenia in addition to allowing for Intermodal transportation with the utilization of its 6 Ro-Ro vessels, 48 block trains per week and 5,500 vehicles.