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Zorlu Group Prefers Ekol

Ekol continues to add the industrial leaders of Turkey to its portfolio. Ekol will carry out the road transportation operations of Taç, the leader company of Turkish household textiles industry.

Taç is the first company of Zorlu Group providing service in various industries such as household textile, polyester yarn, electronic products, information technologies, consumer durable goods, real estate and energy generation and Taç competes with several important brands at the overseas market with its production quality meeting the European Standards.

Zorlu Group’s adaptation of high quality service principle like Ekol plays a great role in Zorlu Group to prefer Ekol in its international road transportation operations. This agreement will be valid for 1 year at first stage and will cover the export transportation of Taç and lays the foundation of a broad and long-term logistics business partnership covering the import operations for the coming periods. In order to lay the foundation of this long-term partnership strongly, the representatives from Taç will visit Ekol Kardelen Facility. This visit will strengthen the relations between the employees of the companies and the representatives from Taç will have the opportunity to meet with Ekol employees who will work at the operations and to observe the processes on-site.

By adding leader companies like Taç to its portfolio, Ekol both obtains strong references for the future customers and embraces opportunities to increase its service quality to higher levels.