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Ekol Becomes The First Company to Receive a Green Logistics Certificate For Its Sustainable Business Practices in Turkey

Aiming to be the best in the world and to comply with the European Union regulations, Ekol Logistics has received a “Green Logistics Certificate” issued by the Directorate General of Transport Services Regulation of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Ekol has become the first company to receive the Green Logistics Certificate in Turkey. The Green Logistics Certificate is issued to those that meet the criteria of green logistics practices outlined in Article 7 of the Combined Transportation Regulation.

Ekol Turkey Country Manager Arzu Akyol Ekiz noted that Ekol has always led the industry with environmentally and nature-friendly, sustainable business models and added:

We are honored and encouraged by the acknowledgment we receive for our efforts to transform our way of doing business to the ecosystem. We will continue to invest in our LEED-certified facilities, green ports, and offices launched as part of our leadership approach in energy and environmental design.

Furthermore, Ekol Corporate Sustainability and ESG Director Enise Ademoğlu Matbay provided information on Ekol’s sustainability strategy and green logistics efforts:

Since 2007, we have been among the signatories to the United Nations Global Compact. We issue an annual progress report on this volunteering initiative. Since 2012, we have calculated our carbon footprint in accordance with international standards and systematically reported the value created by our customers across the supply chain. We are expanding our service network through our fleet and port investments equipped with low-carbon technologies and equipment. The solar power systems installed on the roof of our Lotus Facility, a green facility that boasts the largest storage space in Europe, provide 70 percent of our energy needs. We reduced our carbon emissions by switching to our low-carbon sustainable business model, intermodal transportation, and subsequently saved a green area equivalent of 14 times the size of Istanbul’s Belgrad Forest over the last 10 years.

We are proud to have received “Management” level acknowledgment for two years in a row for our Energy Management System practices and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP ) Reporting, and are delighted to be leading the standards in the industry with the “Green Logistics Certificate.”


The Combined Transportation Regulation, entered into force by publication in the Official Gazette last year, sets forth that for the efforts of a company to be considered “green logistics practices,” the company should operate at least 200 combined freight transportation in a year, and hold the documents and certification that verify that at least 5 percent of corporate energy consumption is provided for by renewable energy sources. The company should also use air conditioning systems operating on gases with Low Global Warming Potential.

The Regulation also requires at least 5 percent green packaging in a year, at least 500 sapling donations a year to the afforestation areas across Turkey as allocated by the General Directorate of Forestry, a zero-waste management system, and other necessary documentation.


The Green Logistics Certificate brings multiple advantages for companies. Article 14 of the Regulation stipulates that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will grant additional support, privileges, and exemptions in relevant matters to the holders of the Green Logistics Certificate.

Prepared within the scope of harmonization with the European Union legislation, the Regulation aims to support and encourage an integrated, balanced, and environmentally friendly transportation system by setting forth the principles of combined freight transportation and green logistics activities.