Retail / Textile

Ekol designs and develops tailor-made Logistics solutions in the fast-track fashion and textile industry. We take our customers’ requirements into account every step of the way, from the provision of raw materials to the delivery of end products to store shelves. With its strong distribution network, Ekol offers integrated logistics services to leading retail brands such as hypermarket groups and technology store chains.

Value-added Services for Retail and Textile Industry

Ekol meets all customer expectations by providing value-added services, including ironing, adding special cards, notes or warranty, labeling, shrinking, quality control, gift-wrapping, adding user manual, and barcoding, which are needed in the retail and textile industries.

Value Added Services

Ekol Services Enhances Competitiveness in the Retail Industry

As part of its distribution services, Ekol consolidates various food, non-food, electronics, and textile products received from different suppliers throughout the day. It distributes the items to the markets and stores with the highest vehicle capacity ratio to assist them to be more competitive.

The company renders domestic collection services, picking up items from the suppliers’ production centers and warehouses to meet different needs and demands. In addition, Ekol utilizes its extensive organization network to offer reverse logistics, and transfers between markets and stores by collecting returned products from these locations.

Warehousing Solutions

  • Goods receiving on/off pallets, on hangers (textile)
  • Shelved storage
  • Order picking and consolidation in boxes
  • Value-added services (labeling, alarm setup, pilling)
  • Inventory management
  • System registration
  • Reporting

Distribution Solutions

  • Goods receiving
  • Labeling
  • System registration
  • Optimization
  • Reporting
  • Domestic collection
  • Distribution with high vehicle capacity ratio (on hangers or pallets)
  • Reverse logistics (return logistics)

Ekol’s Tailor-made Textile Industry Solutions for the Process Extending from Raw Material Purchase to the Store

With fierce competition in the textile and fashion industries, it is crucial to have the right product in the right place at the right time in order to get ahead of the competition. Ekol develops tailor-made solutions by managing all of the logistics operations, from raw material sourcing to product delivery to store shelves.

The company plays a critical role in assisting its customers to concentrate their efforts on logistics to sales thanks to high standard solutions such as returns management and other reverse logistics services, which can make the difference between a product being sold or not.

Special Warehousing Technologies for Textile Products

Ekol employs automation systems which move, store, and sort the products on hangers in line with the order, and bring them to the shipment area. These systems reduce the storage and handling costs of garments on hangers, while ensuring 100-percent order accuracy.

Pick-to-light order picking systems are only one of the technologies utilized in warehouses. These systems show the number of products to be picked up from a certain address on a LED screen, and next display the collection process result on the system via on-board buttons.

Ekol utilizes automatic sorting systems designed to serve various storage units in order preparation and return handling operations in textile warehouses. It utilizes technological equipment such as RF hand terminal, a tool that assists staff to receive orders and to enter completed tasks into the system.
The elevator system inside allows vertical product storage making use of independently-moving platforms, ensuring the highest storage volume. The vertical elevator system fetches the products to be collected to the operator – in turn reducing walking distance and saving time.

Warehousing Solutions

  • Receipt of Raw material and auxiliary materials from local and international supply locations, and quality control and delivery to manufacturers
  • Quality Control
  • Receipt of Finished goods and counting based on SKU
  • Handling transit trade goods and store-based sorting
  • Collection and packaging distribution dispatch orders
  • Inventory management
  • Value-added services

Distribution Solutions

  • Preparing the goods at the distribution center for delivery to the customers’ dealers or to retail sales locations
  • Distribution with shared networks
  • Dedicated distribution
  • Seamless customer services support
  • Cross-docking
  • Reverse logistics (return logistics)