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Aiming to become the market leader on the Turkey-Hungary line, Ekol Hungary will make transportation easier not only for the Turkey-Hungary line but also for all European and CIS countries by expanding its storage area and its intermodal service network in the upcoming days.

With its fleet of XL and TIR certified vehicles, Ekol Hungary's standard trailers serve its customers on the Ukranian and Russian routes, whilst the mega trailers operate mostly on the German, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Turkish routes. Within the scope of green logistics activities, all trucks have Euro 6 emission standard. The in-house-developed softwares of Ekol support Ekol Kft. to provide 7/24 tracking and reporting.

Ekol Hungary as the youngest player of the sector which is certificated with ISO 9001:2008, also received the AEO Certificate and has scored a major success in Hungary. This certificate will fasten the customs clearance operations.

With the aim of contributing Hungarian social life and culture, Ekol Hungary has signed a strategic alliance with Corvinus University and also supports Hungarian cultural activities which take place in Turkey.

Thanks to a successful tender participation, Ekol has become the exclusive supplier of the Hungarian oil company for the relocation of the rigs. Because of this achievement, Ekol’s vehicle fleet in Hungary has been expanded by autocranes, lowbed trailers, tank trailers, and special forklifts. These equipments are usable not only for the oil, but also the machinery, energy and construction industries as well. Ekol targets to be one the top 3 players in project transportation on the Hungarian market.

Development of the warehouse infrastructure of Ekol Logistics Ltd.

The Ekol Logistics Ltd. has tendered successfully on the subvention called "KÖZOP-2015-4.7 – Port base infrastructure development, modernization" of the New Széchenyi Plan of the National Development Agency of Hungary. The amount of the subvention amount is 37 679 706 HUF. During the project Ekol Logistics Ltd. has modernized its site with new forklifts and with a single rack system.

The subject of the purchase is the single rack system produced and installed by Jungheinrich Hungária Ltd. The shelve system was placed into the first section of the new logistics facility of Ekol Logistics Ltd which is 3.859m2 and located in the Freeport of Budapest.

In addition during the infrastructure developing Ekol Logistics Ltd. increased the forklift fleet with 5pc new electric fork lift trucks.

The new forklifts increase the efficiency of the logistics operation of Ekol Logistics. The new fleet contains 2pc rider forklifts (BT Levio LPE200) provided by Toyota Anyagmozgatás Magyarország Ltd. and 1pc 5ton capacity forklift (EFG550), 1pc high lift rider forklift (ERC 216z) and 1pc electric double-deck loader (ERD 220) provided by Jungheinrich Hungária Ltd.

Name of the Project: Development of warehouse logistics at Ekol Logistics Ltd. in the Freeport of Budapest
Net amount of the Project: 50 279 706 HUF
Net amount of the subvention: 37 679 706 HUF
Completion of the project: 2015.11.30.
Beneficiary: Ekol Logistics Ltd., Hungary 1211 Budapest, Szikratávíró street 210023 hrsz

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Address: H-1211 Budapest, Szikratávíró Street
Phone:    +36 1 872 6100

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